Facebook & Twitter: Remember Your Loved Ones Here



Some people donate flowers for the altar; given to the glory of God and in honor of, or memory of, their loved ones. That’s a great thing to do.

For a small donation The Daily Office offers a chance to remember them throughout the year. We pray for all our donors, and their intentions, every Sunday.

We invite our 3400 Facebook & Twitter followers to enter into a deeper relationship with us, beyond just Likes and Favorites. Twice a day, every day, we invite you to pray with us. Now, we invite you to enter into mission as well. We are an evangelical outreach of the Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis, reaching thousands of people in 200 countries all over the world – in English and Spanish – with the Good News of God in Christ.

We reach the alienated, the isolated, the lonely, rich and poor, young and old, every race, gender, sexual orientation and church affiliation. We proudly welcome Baptists, Presbyterians, Methodists, Roman Catholics, Orthodox – and unorthodox! Whether you have arthritis or tattoos, the love of God reaches everywhere, and that’s what this season is all about.

Every day we send out 6000 copies of Morning and Evening Prayer to our subscribers, and welcome another 1000 visits online. This equals 2.5 million prayers a year! Yet our budget is only $30,000. The prayers are free, but web services aren’t.

We know you like us; now will you help us? Please make a donation of any amount by clicking here. It’s the perfect gift for people who have everything – and the perfect remembrance for those who gave everything they had for you.

Thanks. God bless you always. Keep the faith.

Snoopy.Hug Them With Prayers

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