Diocese of Georgia Videos: Evangelism How-To’s – and How Nots!

Just released this week for their 194th diocesan convention. This first guy with the hot sauce is Bishop Benhase.

People do evangelism every day:

Some methods honor the other person’s humanity, beliefs and experience, and other methods don’t.

Tips for what works:

Kelly Steele got mad when somebody listened well and she didn’t have a good comeback:

So what are you evangelical about? What would make you comfortable about inviting someone to try your church?

The advantage I see to this wonderful series from Georgia is that it starts by acknowledging that we don’t want to do evangelism badly, like a lot of others do it – and then goes on to show that we shouldn’t be afraid of the word evangelism or the idea of it.

Have you ever eaten Cincinnati chili? It’s the best stuff!


November 13, 2015

2 thoughts on “Diocese of Georgia Videos: Evangelism How-To’s – and How Nots!

  1. That last video would be great for one of our services – MP or Video Evensong. It really touched me. I only just now got around to looking at this. Thanks for these. Very helpful.

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